When It Comes to Media Training, Don’t Overdo It

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In today’s world of “gotcha” journalism in which on an-air gaffe can spread virally in a matter of minutes, media training is more essential than ever. But to take a counterintuitive twist on the old adage of “practice makes perfect,” too much practice doesn’t make perfect. Just as overtraining in the gym diminishes results, the same is often true when overtraining for a media interview.

Let me explain…

Recently, a colleague and I were preparing for a major new business presentation. After rehearsing his section three times, he abruptly stopped himself and told me that if he continued to rehearse, he would come across as less natural and engaging during the presentation because he memorized the script, so to speak. The same insight applies to media training: practice long enough so you’re thoroughly comfortable with the messages you want to convey and can comfortably answer questions with enthusiasm, passion and flair. But if you overtrain to the point that you’ve memorized your responses, you run the risk of coming across as somewhat disengaged and robotic — almost as if you’re reading from a teleprompter for the first time.

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