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April showers bring viral videos? This seems to be the case for a few brands that launched videos with compelling messages in recent weeks. These videos resonated with consumers, quickly gained traction, and earned the coveted “viral video” badge of honor. Whether these videos were discovered on Twitter, Facebook, traditional news, email or good ole’ word-of-mouth, here are some of the videos being shared in the halls of Hunter PR and beyond.

A video to recently receive “viral” status is the ‘World’s Toughest Job’ video produced for American Greetings. In case you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t give away the ending but do recommend you check it out, with a tissue box near by.

Another brand to recently see a lift in video views is the follow-up to Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign with ‘Dove: Patches.’ The ‘Dove: Patches’ video has been viewed and shared millions of times since becoming public just last week.

And let’s not forget the viral video made in follow-up to comments made on another viral video! Honey Maid’s ‘Love’ video was created in response to the comments they received – both positive and negative – on their ‘This is Wholesome’ ad, which celebrates families of all shapes and sizes.

The last video of note making the rounds from cubicle to office to conference room at Hunter PR is ‘Stuff PR Parents Say!’ While the video isn’t as viral as the others mentioned (yet!), it is the highly-anticipated sequel to our ‘Stuff PR People Say’ video. This video was created during our Bring Your Parents to Work Day event in March that helped celebrate our agency’s 25th anniversary—and just might catapult our parents to YouTube stardom!

Which videos have recently caught your attention, viral or not so viral?

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