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According to eMarketer, more than 50 percent of Internet users read blogs. And, it seems that they have plenty to choose from, with more than 164 million blogs living in cyberspace. Approximately 5 percent of those (approximately 8.2 million) are business focused, similar to our new Hunter PR blog.

So, with all of the server space dedicated to blogs and the multitude of opinions already being shared about the public relations industry, why did we decide to start a blog? Simply stated: experience.

In the more than 23 years that we’ve been practicing public relations, we have worked with a broad range of companies and brands. In fact, our work has led to some of the most enduring client relationships in the business: we’ve worked with Tabasco Pepper Sauce for 23 years, Kraft Foods for 21 years and 3M for 15 years.

Through our work, we have developed strategic and creative approaches that inform how we plan and execute programs for our clients. This approach tends to spill over into how we evaluate what we see happening in the world around us. This viewpoint is what we plan to share through The Hunterpreter Blog. We’ll address topics and trends in our core practice areas and specialized services (see categories section on the top right of this blog).

Each post will invite our experienced staff, the Hunters, to interpret the world through a public relations lens. Sometimes we’ll tackle difficult topics in the industry and other times we’ll have fun as we comment on the news.

We hope that you will return to our blog often to read, comment and share.


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Donetta Allen is a Partner at Hunter PR and has worked with some of the world’s most iconic games brands. She also heads up Hunter PR’s social & digital media department.
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