The Power of Partnership

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Today, Hunter Public Relations joined the MDC Partners Strategic Communications Group. This is a very exciting milestone in our 25-year history as we have found a strategic partner who shares our vision for the future, our entrepreneurial drive and above all, our focus on culture and client service.

This occasion has caused me to reflect on the symbiotic partnerships that have shaped so many successful businesses, including Hunter PR.

In our line of work we often see first-hand the power of two like-minded companies and brands coming together to share resources and expertise as they drive toward the realization of a common goal. When done right, these marriages can transform and amplify both partners in ways neither could have ever imagined.

In the world of consumer marketing, the almost 60-year relationship between McDonald’s and the Coca-Cola Company is legendary. Each was a budding enterprise when they first signed their partnership deal in 1955. From the initial handshake both Ray Kroc, the entrepreneur behind McDonald’s and Waddy Pratt the ambitious sales manager of the soda company had a shared mission of bringing refreshment to millions of people. As a result, the relationship blossomed and the companies grew to meteoric heights, serving not just millions, but billions around the globe.

In the case of the partnership between Hunter PR’s client Barefoot Wines and the Surfrider Foundation, both parties share the goal of making beaches and waterways, barefoot friendly. It is this conscious commitment to community that fueled the creation of the Barefoot Beach Rescue Project, a nationwide effort that resulted in the restoration and clean-up of over 140 beaches and the collection of more than 14 tons of litter. For the past seven years this successful partnership has help defined and elevate these two brands as it has driven consumer engagement and loyalty for Barefoot wines and advanced the Surfrider Foundation’s worthwhile mission.

Through a strong partnership, entities can enhance their credibility and expand their networks and relationships. They also have more access to resources such as capital and technology and can benefit through new processes. The people within each organization can benefit from sharing insights, points of view, experiences and capabilities that staff within a specific company may not possess themselves. And the strong sense of collaboration that forms in partnerships can help identify and resolve problems and overcome barriers.

As a marketing communications agency that has enjoyed some of the longest standing client and employee relationships in the business, we know first hand the magic that emanates from a successful partnership. Over the past 25 years we have had the pleasure of working with world-class companies including McIlhenny Company (makers of Tabasco pepper sauce), Kraft, 3M, E&J Gallo Winery, Diageo, Hasbro and Church & Dwight. Along the way we have learned from each other and provided opportunities for our teams to grow professionally, expand our networks of contacts and enjoy new successes. There is no feeling like that alchemy, when a symbiotic working relationship transcends practicality and creates something even more precious.

It is this strong belief in the transformational power of partnership that excites me about joining forces with MDC. I see a very bright future for Hunter PR – a future in which we are energized by possibilities, inspired by entrepreneurial ambition and fueled by collaboration. We may not be able to serve billions and billions of people like Ray and Waddy, but we sure intend to try.

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Grace Leong

As Managing Partner, Grace taps into her 25 years of experience in the food, lifestyle and consumer products industries to lead Hunter PR in developing and implementing campaigns for the agency’s clients.