The Evolving Relationship Between Brands and Celebrities

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Recently, Hunter Public Relations’ Entertainment Department authored an article for PR News on the changing relationship between celebrities and brands. While it is not new news that celebrity endorsements have become common practice for PR professionals, what is new is the way these partnerships are taking shape.

Endorsement deals are moving from one-and-done deals towards long-term relationships that allow brands to partner with celebrities in more robust ways. The traditional approach of hiring one spokesperson for one event or campaign certainly allows brands to generate a quick level of awareness and meet campaign reach goals. However, recently we have noticed a trend of brands embarking on long-term relationships with a key celebrity and bestowing titles such as brand ambassador, chief creative officer, creative consultant and inventor. Please visit PR News to read more about how celebrity endorsements are evolving.

Whether you are hiring a celebrity for a single campaign or looking to engage him or her in a more long-term partnership, our Entertainment Department suggests keeping these tips in mind when trying to find the perfect match for your brand:

  1. Know your brand – Does the celebrity’s personality match your brand’s personality? When engaging talent to represent your brand, your values should align. A common tool used to explore this is market research; engaging companies such as E-Score can provide you with an in depth look at a celebrity’s appeal.
  2. Know your audience – Does the celebrity appeal to your target demographic? Or, conversely, if you are looking to expand your target demographic, can the celebrity help make the introduction through their appeal to the new target and through the celebrity’s social media channels.
  3. Know your celebrity needs – Before reaching out to talent, you should have a clear understanding of how you plan to use the talent in your campaign. You will want to consider everything from media interviews to appearances at events and from requests for corporate initiatives to social media posts.
  4. Know your budget – Everyone has his or her price, and top talent will certainly come with a hefty price tag. However, there’s enough talent in the celebrity pool that a match can be found for nearly every budget. Remember to be realistic and open to alternative ideas. Don’t be discouraged by a dollar sign!
  5. Know that you need to be flexible – Working with talent is not always easy, so take proactive steps to streamline the process. Make it a point to discuss the talent’s schedule and availability, willingness to participate in media, and other endorsement work ahead of time.

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