Speaking Latino: Brands need to be “Culturally Fluent” when engaging today’s Hispanic Consumers

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Recently Hunter Public Relation’s Hispanic Strategies and Solutions shared some insights with PR Week in a three-part series on how to engage with specific segments within the U.S. Hispanic population. I honed in on Hispanic millennials, took an even deeper look at Hispanic males of this generation and finally discussed the Latino Boomers.

One in five millennials in the U.S. today is Hispanic so it’s definitely worth a closer look to better understand their purchasing habits and what they value and look for in products. It’s important to earn their trust; making them feel like your brand is for them and keeping in mind that many are second generation and primarily navigate this world in English but hold on to their heritage closely. Additionally, this generation of Latinos is embracing social and digital media more than any other segment of the population. For more, read the article: Hispanic Millennials: One size doesn’t fit all.

While many marketers have their eyes on the Latina, particularly the Latina mom as the “Chief Mom Officer” and making a lot of the household buying decisions, the buying power and influence of her counterpart should not be overlooked. For example, the Hispanic male is more likely to purchase brand name products vs. private label in certain categories because he thinks it works better—laundry detergent is one of these instances according to a Mintel study. Another thing to keep in mind when targeting this influential consumer is that he’s redefining masculinity and is quite different than his father’s generation. His interests are vast and go beyond soccer, music and technology. For more about this subject, read the article Latino Millennials: Redefining macho in his dual American lifestyle.

Latino Baby Boomers make up 11% of those 81 million Boomers and are the most diverse Hispanic segment as many are foreign-born. Latino Baby Boomers keep close ties to their country of origin – from preserving culinary traditions, staying on top of politics back home to providing financial support to their loved ones back home. They are the family’s link to their rich heritage and they strive to pass along that pride to their children and grandchildren. They are also digitally connected but using the Internet differently than the younger generation. They are more likely to visit a brand’s web site than rely on user-generated opinions. This provides brands an opportunity to become an educational resource and help drive brand loyalty and trust. The three-part series concludes with the article that discusses this more in depth, Connecting with the Latino Baby Boomer through love of family, culture.

These are just highlights of the insights and opportunities shared in the three-part series on PR Week, I encourage you to check out the full posts at the links included above.

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