Planning for 2015: Are You Engaging the Fastest Growing Minority in the U.S.?

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Hispanic Media     

It’s no secret that the U.S. Hispanic segment offers companies a big growth opportunity, and it is exciting to see that many brands are already implementing strategies to reach this diverse consumer.

While some brands continue to develop multiple campaigns to connect with each segment separately with more customized messaging, other brands are exploring different ways to connect with Latinos, including the popular total market approach, which is meant to engage the different segments – all under one cohesive message. But after many debates on what may be the best way to connect with Latinos, there is one fact that everyone can agree on: brands that invest in this consumer continue to see a significant difference to their bottom line year after year.

If you are finalizing your 2015 planning, I encourage you to take a closer look at your Hispanic strategies and challenge your team to identify the right approach to reach Latinos next year. And, if you are considering transitioning to a total market approach, check out this month’s issue of Hunter PR’s 511 newsletter for some additional points that will help you make the best of your 2015 plan.

About the Author

Annette Gonzalez Malkin

Annette joined Hunter PR in 2003 and since then has been leading the growth of Hunter’s Hispanic practice. Annette applies her personal passion and cultural wisdom when developing creative strategies for clients to ensure there is a cultural mindfulness at the core of all our thinking to meaningfully engage the Hispanic audience.