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Traditional Media     

Over the years, social media has revolutionized the public relations space. PR pros have now been granted endless avenues with which to connect to journalists. Thanks to Instagram, I’ve been able to connect with them through this photo sharing social network. Instagram is intended to “capture and share the world’s moments” with friends, family and as a fortunate byproduct, the media.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Indiana School of Journalism, 60 percent of journalists said they use social media to find story ideas, which highlights how traditional and social media feed off of each other. Journalists look to social media for content while social media conversations stem from traditional media stories. Knowing this, I will share a photo on Instagram to convey to my followers whom I am working with. If I’m lucky, a media contact who follows me will reach out to inquire or book the celebrity/spokesperson/CEO I am pitching.

If I accompany a guest that I’ve booked on a show, here’s how I use Instagram to leverage additional TV coverage.

Behind-The-Scenes Photo: When I am on the set of a show, I will snap a quick picture of the spokesperson/guest being interviewed, the green room or signage of the show. I will post that photo to my instagram.

#HelpfulHashtags: Adding relevant hashtags is an integral way to communicate your post to your followers and new viewers. I will add a few hashtags; for example the expert’s or celebrity’s name along with the segment topic and the show.

Snap Now, Post Later: Once I have left the studio, I will upload the photo. First, you want to make sure the segment went according to plan. Furthermore, if the segment is taped to air at a later date, it is best to hold off and post on the airdate. You wouldn’t want to reveal any details beforehand.

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