Once In A Lifetime: Using Special Music Experiences To Drive Consumer Loyalty

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When a bright-eyed, teenaged Courteney Cox was pulled on stage in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video, she realized a dream shared by people everywhere. That is, the dream of a face-to-face, personalized interaction with a their favorite musician, singing just for them! This epic encounter took place in 1984, so unfortunately Ms. Cox was unable to post photos of her tickets beforehand, create a streaming Springsteen playlist, check-in at the stadium, or snap and share a selfie with The Boss live from the stage.

Today’s young fan is equipped with the ultimate braggers toolbox, making them a consumer ripe for branded interaction and influence. Music plays an integral part of the Millennial consumer existence, and brands that are “in tune” with this insight can leverage it to provide ownable and memorable experiences that both dramatize their brand’s ideals and earn coveted brand loyalty and advocacy.

Below are some guiding principles for brands and agencies that want to insert music into their PR and promotional campaigns:

‘A’ List Ain’t Important
Sure, everyone worships Beyonce, but the truth is most working musicians have a solid, reliable fan base. Picking a lesser-known artist with a contingency of devoted followers is just as effective in ensuring guests who are highly engaged, who provide valuable feedback and will forever associate your brand with this special moment (though no one is denying Queen Bey would be awesome).

One In A Million
Anyone can buy tickets to a concert. Develop programming that allows fans unprecedented access to their favorite artists. Keep the guest list to less than 100 and the stage at arms length. From there, branding must be obvious but organic – backdrops, wristbands, bar/food displays – and have the musician thank the brand a few times during the set.

Photo or It Didn’t Happen
Allow photos during the event and schedule an artist “meet & greet” for guests after the performance for individual photos and autographs. Make signage with social media cues accessible throughout the event to extend reach and simplify post event monitoring.

Off the Stage
Add texture and create “Stars, They’re Just Like Us” moments by hosting pre-show activities that bring the artist out from behind the microphone. This can include philanthropic efforts, a cocktail hour, a Q&A session with a notable moderator or custom activations that link directly back to the brand host.

Badge Value
In an increasingly paperless world, the now sometimes ignored keepsakes like backstage/VIP passes, hard tickets and photo prints have earned a coveted status. Invest in these items for heightened consumer photo opportunities and ultimately a spot at home on their bulletin board, where they will look back and remember fondly the day they spent with their favorite artist courtesy of your brand.

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