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If someone told me at the start of my PR career that I could get press coverage from creating National Pinot Noir Day for my wine client, I would have jumped at the opportunity. Oh wait — National Pinot Noir Day already exists (August 18th annually). Had I known that, I could have leveraged it to talk about my client’s pinot noir, and how it pairs perfectly with a summer dish made by the campfire.

This year, I’ve seen a surge in news — particularly morning news and talk shows — covering national and international quirky holidays. Consider recent segments about National Margarita Day on Today, National French Fry Day on The Chew and International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the HLN network (yeah, it’s a thing).

So why is this? It all goes back to news production teams doing more with a fraction of the staff, thereby needing PR pros’ help to keep it light and simple. Plus, the news cycle is as short as it’s ever been with segments often three minutes or less. And consider the viewer who wants a clear, concise message in this hyper-connected world, not to mention a little “fluff” mixed in with the more traditional, hard news.

In other words, National Tequila Day is an easy-to-grasp (and fun) concept. While a segment about rare types of tequila might be interesting for a lifestyle show, in the eyes of the media, it’s an evergreen story that will lose out to more timely segments. By anchoring the same story to a National Day, it becomes an event-based story that’s compelling for producers.

We’re advising our clients and corporate communications counterparts today more than ever to capitalize on these random, interesting holidays — not just food holidays, but health, beauty and lifestyle holidays — and when it makes sense, to create our own! In 2009, Hunter PR asked consumers to put on their babushkas for the first-ever National Pierogy Day on behalf of Mrs. T’s Pierogies.  Four years later with buzz on Good Morning America, Today and, we look forward to celebrating the holiday with a potato pocket hangover once again. See for yourself on Fox & Friends on October 7th!

And consider the inaugural National Back-to-School Saturday, a campaign from Teen Vogue that declared August 11th as a day when clothing and beauty retailers could plan their promotions analogous to holiday shopping on Black Friday. With major retailer partnerships, Teen Vogue was able to capitalize on the key back-to-school timing as a news hook supported by the notion that retailers need to create “shopping events” to get consumers to spend — a smart way to capture the attention of national and local press (and a lot of style-conscious teens!).

So there you have it. Create your own National Whatever Day. Just make sure there’s not already an app – err holiday – for that.  And if there is, leverage it!

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