Mark Your Calendars: A Community Manager’s Guide to Leveraging Unusual Holidays

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Last we met, we gave you a brief, yet (hopefully) effective glimpse into the life of a Social Media Community Manager. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this post (mostly from our moms), we’ve decided to write a follow-up post on a Community Manager’s secret weapon: unusual holidays.

Coming up with monthly content for a brand’s Facebook page isn’t as easy as you may think. While guidelines for each page varies, we’ve found that every brand can celebrate unusual holiday from time to time as a way to be part of the pop culture conversation. These quirky, yet often hilarious, holidays allow us to be creative…and then kick back, place our heels on the desk, and relax…for about five minutes.

1. So what is an ‘unusual’ holiday?

Well, did you know that June 25th is National Catfish Day? No, not the MTV show (side note: Nev, call us, we have some stories of our own), but rather, a day celebrating the actual fish. Or how about Chocolate Milk Shake Day on September 12th? These dates aren’t on your calendar, are they? That’s why we love them! Quirky holidays help us populate our monthly conversation calendars, while giving us an avenue to be both creative and on-target with brand messaging.

2. Are unusual holidays right for my page?

The short answer? Yes. Believe it or not, these surprise holidays tend to be incredibly engaging with fans. Why? Because the holidays are new and, most of the time, pretty funny. A new brand product is suddenly personified when you give it a fun design &treatment by throwing a pair of sunglasses on it to honor Sunglasses Day on June 27th. This stuff gets ‘shared,’ you guys!

And we all know the reaction we get when the content we’ve developed from our tiny, tiny (read: massively creative) brains comes to life:

3. So, how does one discover that National Pink Day (June 23rd) takes place in June?

A simple Google search does the trick. We’re smart, but we’re not Einstein’s. Searching the web using the term “quirky (month) holidays” usually lands us on a site that we’ve been desperately searching for.

Listen, we all get stuck from time to time when it comes to content creation. (If you don’t, then our tiaras off to you. We’d like to meet you!) But know that you can rely on these under-celebrated holidays to provide your clients with really out-of-the-box content they’re sure to love (and also ‘like’).

P.S. Pro tip: International Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up on September 19…it’s insanely popular on social media!