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Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a Social Data Week (#SDWK13) event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in NYC’s Columbus Circle. Hosted by the fine folks at DataSift, it was one of the most efficient – and informative – one-day conferences I’ve attended in recent memory. (You don’t always need three days to share valuable insights!)

In keeping with the spirit of Hunter PR’s award-winning newsletter, The 511, here are five things NYC Social Data Week taught us that you probably didn’t already know:

1. Jakarta sends more daily tweets than any other city in the country. (Global twitter initiative, anyone?)

2. The UN is looking to brands and data platforms as partners in their quest to drive data innovation. The organization hopes to provide preventative or immediately reactionary, real-world (offline) support based on predictions gleaned from online data collection.

3. According to BlogHer, Women use social media 40 percent more, daily, than men. Furthermore, women drive 62 percent of social sharing on Facebook.

4. Facebook is investing resources in two, specific areas of data mining:
• Focus: Studying not only the reach of posts, but monitoring the unique number of people posting and commenting about a given topic or brand
• Signal: Utilizing social data to predict real-world outcomes

5. Bitly is working to unlock the clues to determining what type of content may go viral. Through built-in analytics, they can predict the potential virality of a piece of content, based on who engages with it early. (Are the first five people that find the content influential on Twitter or in the blogosphere? Did they all share the link or just one of them?)

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