Drawing PR Inspiration From Award Shows

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As PR professionals, we are often tasked with not only publicizing consumer products, but also taking everyday products and positioning them in new and unexpected ways. For me, this means positioning health-related brands in the beauty space and reaching media who aren’t necessarily interested in covering your product … or so they think!

When writing pitches on beauty trends, I’ve learned that watching a red carpet event — laptop or iPad in hand — can trump hours and hours of research. In fact, there are a lot of things that PR pros can learn from the hottest red carpet trends of 2013. Here are three examples.

1. Less is more

Whether on the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes, simple, au naturel makeup is very much on trend right now. Faces are fresh and clean and eye shadow is neutral. In some ways, the perfect pitch is the same way: both simple and natural. No reporter wants a pitch that’s really long or overly detailed. If they want more information, they’ll ask for it. And the more natural and organic a pitch sounds, the better your chances are of getting coverage.

2. Focus on one feature

This season, many celebs have embraced cosmetic colors in one specific area – either bold red lips or intense smoky eyes, but not both. Similarly, when writing a pitch, it’s important to highlight one particular feature and not fill a pitch with multiple product benefits. We all know that reporters aren’t going to include a laundry list of claims in their article, so pick one solid feature to showcase and move on. If you’re looking for coverage around various messages, break them up into multiple, targeted pitches to best disperse your information.

3. Tease on Twitter

Thanks to Twitter, many celebs now document the process of getting red carpet ready, sharing photos and comments while getting dressed and posting work-in-progress pictures of hair and makeup on Instagram. In the same way these celebs look for feedback, so can we as PR pros. While examining trends to include in your pitches, take a step back and see how others on Twitter are reacting to these trends. Reading comments from media and consumers may help guide you predict which trends will resonate with your audience and which you should skip!

Now tell us: what trends grabbed your attention this season?


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