Comfort Food on the Rise On Menus and Dinner Tables Across America

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In today’s world of fiscal uncertainly, it seems like everyone is yearning for a little taste of “the good ol’ days.” Whether it’s watching a classic movie or eating comfort food, such as grandma’s homemade soup or Twinkies, it’s the little things that spark memories of “simpler times” and ease life during these down economic times. Over the past few years, the resurgence of comfort food on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus around the country has meant good news for America’s food industry.

People everywhere feel the need to calm down their stressful lives with a great meal, as Food Editorials explains. Keeping up with these demands, restaurant menus have evolved to include comfort food items such as macaroni & cheese, meatloaf and fried chicken. In fact, there are food trucks now dot every corner of New York City, peddling comfort food staples such as waffles or grilled cheese, according to QSR Magazine. And as the New York Post notes, there are also some restaurants trying to take advantage of this trend by offering pricier “gourmet comfort food” options such as exotic tea flavors and hot dogs.

While consumers eagerly gobble up comfort food in restaurants, they’re even more eager to recapture the nostalgia at home. When it comes to the supermarket shelf, brand marketers can capitalize on this growing trend by refocusing their efforts on classic, Americana brands and recipes. In addition, the explosion of Pinterest and Instagram has provided marketers with new social media tools to leverage what they’re doing in the test kitchen and spark inspiration in consumers’ homes.

According to Mashable, food is the fastest growing category on Pinterest and generates more repins than any other category. This provides a perfect opportunity for brands to create Pinterest boards and start new conversations with consumers who hungry for new twists on old favorites. Now more than ever, marketers should work with professional food photographers to ensure that products and recipes shine online.

This also a perfect time for brand marketers to spotlight what the brand is doing for their consumers’ families. Whether it’s partnering with influencers or working with charitable organizations, brand marketers can take comfort food to the next level by leveraging cause-marketing efforts and giving back to communities in need.


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