Get Out of the Zone
             Health & Beauty

These days, getting a brand to stand out among competitors often means taking the brand out of its comfort zone. Whether it’s positioning an over-the-counter brand as a beauty accessory or leveraging a pop culture moment to build consumer buzz, breaking through the clutter often means aligning with unique partners, people and sometimes doing so at unexpected places.

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Drawing PR Inspiration From Award Shows
             Health & Beauty

As PR professionals, we are often tasked with not only publicizing consumer products, but also taking everyday products and positioning them in new and unexpected ways. For me, this means positioning health-related brands in the beauty space and reaching media who aren’t necessarily interested in covering your product … or so they think! Read more…

Buyer Be (A)ware: Promoting Health and Wellness in the Digital Era
             Health & Beauty

Once upon a time, there was one place, and one place only, where consumers could go to find a cure for what ailed them: the doctor. But gone are the days when medical information came solely from medical professionals. Read more…