Bring Your Parents To Work Day 2014

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No Mom, What I Do is Not Like on “Mad Men”

My folks each had decades of experience in Public Relations and Marketing, dating back to the 1970’s when they both did PR for the Arizona State Fair and Coliseum. So when I talk with them about my work, it is with a short hand that many of my colleagues aren’t fortunate enough to share with their parents.

For many of my co-workers, it’s not uncommon for them to hear the following from their parents: “I just saw that amazing super bowl commercial, honey. Did you make that?” Or, “I was coming home from the store and saw that big billboard. Is that yours?!”

For those of us who call the PR industry our career home, lack of understanding of what we do every day sometimes makes for tedious and awkward explanations. “No Mom, I didn’t make that ad. That’s the advertising agency. I’m in Public Relations. I create programs and events and press materials and send them to media so they’ll cover our clients’ products and…umm…never mind.”

It is just this kind of exchange that led Hunter Public Relations to create the first Bring Your Parents to Work Day back in 2010. That year, we surveyed parents and found that 85% desired a better understanding about what their kid’s job is. And nearly 50% thought ads on TV are what we do. Our mission was clear.

And today, while we have seen some improvements, there is clearly still work to be done. In this year’s survey, 60% of parents polled said that they have trouble describing their kid’s job. And a whopping 96% said that having a solid understanding of their child’s line of work makes them feel more connected to them. So because the next generation of Hunters is enduring what the last one did, we brought this event back by popular demand…and necessity.

As part of our ongoing 25th anniversary celebration, today we welcome parents from all over the country to our offices for Bring Your Parents to Work Day to see, firsthand, what it is we really do. Nearly 100 parents and their PR pros progeny will kick off the day with opening ceremonies led by the agency Partners. There they will learn about what public relations is and how it differs from other marketing disciplines. Call it, PR 101.

Then, parents will participate in three courses: Brainstorming, Social Media and Key Messaging & Media Training. Each class, led by a Hunter staffer, will introduce the background for each subject and then encourage first-hand participation. For example, parents will be participating in a Twitter party throughout the day’s event. #HunterPRParents

But beyond all the great tweets, wonderful ideation and expert media training, will be the increased awareness our parents will acquire of the work we do every day, the pride we take in it and the joy of creating it with people we respect.

And all of this is happening with the hope that the next time we call, or come home for dinner, this is how the conversation will start: “I saw a great product review in Good Housekeeping, sweetie. I’m so proud of you!” OR, “I loved that Tweet about Tabasco sauce. Way to heat up Twitter!”

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