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Not only is tomorrow Thanksgiving (can you believe it!?), but it’s also the official start of the holiday shopping season. While we’ve been working with our clients on their holiday plans for months, it really hits home once we start seeing the influx of media opportunities for brands with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

According to, electronics will still command a lot of attention during Black Friday 2012, and smartphones and tablets may edge out laptops and desktops as this year’s hottest tech items. While retailers receive the majority of Black Friday media coverage, brands — particularly consumer electronics brands — can also generate some great coverage leading into the holiday season. Samsung, for example, is giving away a free Galaxy Nexus or Victory 4G LTE to Sprint customers who renew their contract.

So how do you break through the clutter?

The first key to getting Black Friday buzz is to offer deep discounts. Most media require there to be a certain level of discounting.  I saw a media request for Today that required products to have at least a 40 percent discount in order to be considered. Offering a 10 percent discount, bundling your product with an accessory or giving away a small gift card with purchase is simply not going to break through the clutter of Black Friday deals in the media. And while offering deep discounts may pain most marketers, the discount doesn’t need to be widespread — limited time deals offered at only one retailer actually increase demand since the deal is seen as more exclusive.

Savvy brands may also opt to offer a service or entertainment to harried Black Friday shoppers. Media crews often stake out high-profile retail locations to cover the crowds, so having something visual to talk about provides the perfect opportunity to get your brand some great exposure. For example, Nintendo is partnering with Old Navy to promote the launch of New Super Mario Brothers U for the Wii U. Shoppers can play the game in- store and have the chance to win the game if they spend $40.

If you can’t afford to sustain the costs of a deep discount or big activation during Black Friday weekend to drive media coverage, Cyber Monday also provides a great opportunity to engage your Facebook fans and Twitter followers with limited discounts or giveaways. Consumers are more likely to be online looking for deals, so it’s a great opportunity for you to engage with them.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Shopping!

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