After 25 Years of Celebrating Brand Anniversaries, Hunter Public Relations Gets Its Turn

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Over the years, Hunter Public Relations has managed dozens of anniversary campaigns on behalf of our clients. In 1990, we celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Tabasco brand pepper sauce by hosting a crawfish boil for more than 100 food and media influencers, which included recreating a bayou in the middle of Manhattan. In 1997, we helped the Jell-O brand celebrate its 100th by opening its own museum in its birthplace of LeRoy, New York. A few years later, we opened another hall of fame in Hastings, Nebraska to honor the the 75th anniversary of Kool-Aid and its famous happy-go-lucky “spokespitcher,” the Kool-Aid Man.

In conceiving these award-winning programs and many others we learned a great deal about how best to recognize a brand or company’s anniversary. So when it came time to celebrate our own agency’s 25th anniversary (March 1, 2014), we imitated the best practices of our illustrious clients and planned a 25th celebration that reflects on our past and present while planning for the future of our agency.

From Tabasco, the agency’s first client, we learned that the best celebrations always include the people who have contributed to the brand’s or company’s success. Chefs, cookbook authors, restaurateurs and food editors played a role in making Tabasco the most famous pepper sauce in the world and that’s why the McIlhenny family insisted on including the who’s who of food influencers at their 125th anniversary party and thanking each one of them personally.

Similar to the Tabasco brand, Hunter PR’s 25 years of success is due to the 300 staff members who have walked our halls, from Barbara Hunter herself to every intern who ever prepared a clip report or stuffed a teaser kit. That’s why we invited each one of them to a gala party this week To help us celebrate. We welcomed all of our alumni home and treated them to a wonderful spread of food and cocktails, including many of the signature recipes they promoted over the years.

For our current staffers we are going a step further and including the people who are most dear to them in our celebration. On March 28th, we will host our second “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” event at our two offices in Manhattan.

Staff members will host their parents on that day and we will give them a crash course in public relations practices including Social Media 101, Brainstorming Techniques and Media Training. We held our first “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” in 2010 because according to a survey of our loved ones, 85% wished they had a better understanding of what did for a living and more than 45% of our parents thought we were responsible for television ads. Very few even knew how to define public relations.

Our 2010 event was an instant success and was featured throughout the marketing/public relations trade press and even on Stuart Elliott’s “New York Times Media Decoder” blog. Since the number of Hunter PR staff members has grown 50 percent since 2010, we felt that it was time to host the event again on the occasion of our 25th anniversary.

From the Kool-Aid and the Jell-O teams we also learned that anniversaries are always sweeter when they leave a legacy for the future. While we may not be establishing a Hunter PR museum in honor of our 25th, we are honoring the legacy of our founder, Barbara W. Hunter, by creating a fellowship for a rising public relations student.

Partnering with the University of Delaware, Hunter PR will offer one public relations student the opportunity to be named the “Barbara W. Hunter Fellow” and enjoy a special 6-week internship at the agency during their winter January-February session each year.

In addition, the student will receive a cash stipend to cover lodging and meals while they are living in the NYC area since we realize that many students who live outside Manhattan turn down the opportunity to work in New York City because of its high cost of living. We hope that the Barbara Way Hunter Fellowship will encourage more young people to enter the public relations profession and start their agency careers in New York City.

We are proud to be embarking on anniversary celebrations inspired by our legendary clients and full of opportunities to reflect and recognize the many important relationships our firm has developed over the years, as well as provide for the future of the public relations industry. Happy Anniversary Hunter PR! Here’s to 25 more wonderful years.

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